Elisse: e-learning for intercultural skills in social education

ELISSE é um Projeto Eramus+ internacional de investigação-ação que congrega cerca de dez parceiros em 4 continentes e tem por objetivo central desenvolver competências interculturais baseadas nas novas tecnologias para estudantes do trabalho/educação social.

Apresentação final – 23 nov. 2020

ELISSE (itsra.net)

In a general context where in Europe the issue of migration and social support for migrants is the subject of considerable tension, this project aims to create a training intended primarily for social work students who will be involved in a multicultural environment after graduation. Based on the results of exploratory work conducted for a year before the launch of the initiative, the ELISSE project will rely on two basic principles of action and particularly innovative for the social training sector:

  1. internship experience made in so-called “southern” in which European students will be paired with students from the host country and students from other countries called “North”;
  2. training modules provided in part remotely through the use of e-learning tools.

Parceiros: Ecole Nationale des travailleurs Sociaux Spécialisés; Cégep Régional de Lanaudière (Canada); IPU – Campus di Scienze Psicopedagogiche e Sociali (Italy); Institut National de Formation Sociale (Ivory Coast); Cégep Marie-Victorin (Canada); Haute École Bruxelles-Brabant (Belgium); Avans Hogeschool (Netherlands); Institut de Travail Social de la Région Auvergne (France); ENTSS (Senegal).

Duração: set. 2017–set. 2019
Investigador responsável na ESEPF: Gabriela Trevisan
Equipa de Investigação: Florbela Samagaio, Miguel Prata, Rui Ramalho