Who are we

By crossing different field areas such as education and social work, socio-educational intervention configures itself as a transdisciplinary field of action and reflection. Performed with people and/or groups in current or potential risk situations and vulnerability, but still bearers of rights and dignity, this intervention has a strong technical, relational and ethic nature that aims promoting the autonomy of the person. Main focus is to increase the potential for subjective and civic capacitation through inclusive projects whether preventive or restorative meaningful social ties.

Working from this praxis and from a Human Rights perspective, the Observatory’s main goal is to contribute for the professional capacitation of social workers and their institutions in the different considered arenas. In order to do so:


  • In its intervention area it provides tools for the analysis-diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation of socio-educational projects that allow the drawing of specific strategies as well as autonomy and social inclusion projects with and for specific groups.
  • In training it promotes sustainable and systemic models for socio-educational intervention, by actively articulating networks and partnerships in the community and the inter-professional dialogue with different agents implicated in ongoing projects in specific territories.
  • In the “Human Rights and Socio-Educational Intervention” research line relations between multiple phenomenon that defy contemporary human condition and socio-educational intervention by different actors in the public space are made and embodied in action-research projects framed on the optics of Human Rights.